Electric Model Flyers of Southern Ontario (EMFSO) is an incorporated model aviation club, registered with the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC). The club endorses Transport Canada (TC), Navigation Canada (NavCanada) and supports the regulation of model aeronautics for recreation. Core values include safety, instruction, information and a strong sense of community.

Founded in 1985, EMFSO was one of the first organizations in North America dedicated to electric model aviation. At the time, the use of electric motors for propulsion was a relatively new idea. Through the hard work of the founders, EMFSO helped members gain the knowledge necessary for successful electrically powered model flight. This was accomplished with a newsletter as well as events and workshops.

Today, EMFSO continues with the original mission of the founding members while staying current with innovative radio control technology and up-to-date battery power. Additionally, indoor flight venues provide members with more opportunities to fly year-round. In 2015, the organization developed Crosswinds Field, an outdoor flying site. EMFSO provides members with an annual general meeting, informative workshops and flight instruction.