Model Aviation Knowledge

Model Aviation Knowledge


Model aviation safety involves the fundamental practice of managing risk. The overall goal is to improve safety and to reduce incidents and accidents. Transport Canada (TC) regulates model aviation in Canada. Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) in cooperation with TC provides education, best practices and development of positive attitudes towards safety.

MAAC Safety Document (MSD)

MSD 01 - Introduction.

MSD 02 - Retrieval Key.

MSD 03 - All Model Aircraft.

MSD 06 - General Category R/C Model Aircraft.

MSD 07 - Need for and Duties of Spotters and Helpers.

MSD 17 - Radio Spectrum.

MSD 25 - RPAS Competency Demonstration Requirements.

MAAC Advisory Publication (MAP)

MAP 01 - Outdoor Fyling Field Guidelines.

MAP 06 - Tips for Operating Electric Powered Models.

Transport Canada (TC)

MAAC Part IX Exemption.

MAAC Notam

MAAC Notam (MAAC Notice To All Members).