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Who We Are
Founded in 1985, the Electric Model Flyers of Southern Ontario (EMFSO) was one of the first organizations in North America dedicated to supporting and promoting Electric Flight. At the time electric powered model airplanes were a relatively new concept to most people. It was through the hard work of the founding members that the EMFSO helped those, new to electric flight, gain the knowledge necessary to be successful. This was done with a top quality newsletter, fun flys, and winter meetings held in southern Ontario.

Today, the Electric Model Flyers of Southern Ontario continues with the original mission of it's founding members but has grown to include more electric fun fly's, an annual electric float fly, more advanced Winter Workshop sessions, a very effective hobby show display, and a World Wide Web presence. More recently we have developed this new Web Site and have acquired a top quality indoor flying site for our members. With membership close to 90 and growing we have great plans and expectations for the future.