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RPAS Exam results
« on: February 26, 2023, 09:59:11 pm »
Well, today I decided to bite the bullet and take the RPAS exam. Watched Don's Study Guide video on YouTube, took notes on what the four documents to study are, took screenshots of the exam knowledge area, and realized that it was too late as I had to make dinner, and to write the exam cold after dinner and walking the dog.
Follow up on Airspaces and RPAS impacts

I had to look up a couple of items in the Knowledge and SOR/2019-11 documents. Probably could have looked up more items to verify my correctness, but decided that I'd invest the $10 to take the exam and get the exam report for study/review areas.

Aced the exam, saved and printed copies of the PDF files for the certificate and the exam report.

Suggestion for selecting the "right" answer are to carefully read the question and understand it, select the answer that is best fit for what is being asked. If not absolutely certain, take 3 minutes to research the Knowledge document or to Google the question.
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