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Title: To fly or not to fly.
Post by: byrocat on November 12, 2021, 03:49:38 pm
Today's weather prediction was all over the place. The local TV station weather from last night was showing a 30% chance of rain, and and Wind Gust was predicting clear skies and moderate winds for when Clair and I were planning for a flying session.

After one flight, Clair pointed out the cloud visible in the north-west corner and I offered my opinion-- rain to the north of the field,  Coupling that with the wind, I decided to wimp out and to head home. Clair decided to stay and get in some fights on his own while I headed home

.It was sprinkling at the field as Clair finished his lunch and I got north of King Road with the rain increasing as I drove north to St. John Side road and arrived home. Within half an hour, I had blue skies and nor rain and no wind.

Too late to head back to the file.