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Hello everyone. Come out and join us at the Trio Sportsplex for an evening of electric flying. Bring your usual indoor aircraft but please leave the hotrods for outdoors. Slow flyers, 3D airplanes, quads and micro helicopters up to 250 in size, are good examples of aircraft for the venue. We have a 40m x 40m area, free and clear of cables and nets, high ceiling, well lit, well heated, and no lighting at eye level. It's just a short drive north of Highway 7 at the Teston Rd. exit, with very quick access off and back on to Highway 400, both northbound and southbound. MAAC is required for you to fly. Spectators are encouraged to come along. See you there.

Don Irvine
President, EMFSO


Dec. 27, 2017


7:00PM until 10:00PM


601 Cityview Blvd.
Vaughan, Ont.

Cost: Adult - $20.00 Youth - $15.00


Northbound 400:

Take the Teston Rd. exit off the 400 Highway. Cityview Blvd. is just west of the 400 and Trio Sportsplex is on the southeast corner of Teston and Cityview. Parking entrance is the first left as you drive south on Cityview Blvd.

Southbound 400:

Take the Teston Rd. exit and you will be on Cityview Blvd. Turn right on Cityview and the entrance for Trio is less than a block north and on the right.

Lots of parking available and there are accessible parking spots right near the door.

GPS 43.863807, -79.554153

I'm looking forward to this event.

Here is a link showing the location of Trio Sportsplex on Google maps.

Well, I may have to give this a by, again.  No indoor planes ready and family emergency came out of left field on Friday.

Having an Annus Horribilus tends to really suck the big one. Of course, our family members (current generation) are talking about just how bad THEIR year was (My SIL is the family-only winner so far).  Even my mother's minister is seriously in the running with a record number of funerals being officiated by her including co-workers.



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