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Ahhhhhh.. Sorry, but I can't be there -- eye examination (with THOSE drops) in the morning, and other items in the afternoon.

Only one airplane that I can fly (the Super Cub)


We are here and the rain has come out of nowhere. It might clear up shortly but there is always tomorrow as we had planned in the event of inclement weather. Sorry that there was no way of getting any advanced notice. Take care.

Don Irvine
President EMFSO

Latest update. Rain has gone by. We are flying but we will be here tomorrow as well. Come out and join in.

Don Irvine
President EMFSO

The event started with some light rain, but enthusiasm wasn't dampened.

Early birds included: (L-R) Don, Boris, Clair and Ladie.

Brad and Nick enjoying the calm morning air at the RC Show & Fly-in 2017.

Don's Heli Baby prior to lift off.

The Heli Baby climbing out for another smooth flight at Crosswinds Field.

David checked his transmitter and Cub before the first flight of the day.

Brad brought some delicious banana bread and Roberta supplied watermelon for everyone.

Ed's Pantera in forward flight.

Ed is a very skilled RC helicopter pilot.

Don's Blade 230 between some rolls and loops.

Clair after a flight with his veteran Sensei.

Don's latest scale project.

Ready for takeoff...

Another successful flight at the RC Show & Fly-in.

Don and his "plank"... a Formosa Racer.

Watch for more images of the first EMFSO RC Air Show & Fly-in.


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