Overview of electric flight
Symposium by Keith Shaw
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Overview of Electric Flight
Electric flight is one of the fastest growing facets of the hobby of R/C aircraft building and flying. It's popularity has been growing exponentially over the past 15 to 20 years. The number of people starting to fly with electric power is increasing faster and faster each year and the advancements in technology and manufacturer offerings for electric power have taken off. It's a very exciting time to be flying Electric Power.

Electric flight is the powering of radio controlled model aircraft with electric motors rather than the more traditional internal combustion engines. Electric flight in it's simplest form can be described as "just a different way to turn the propeller, ducted fan, or helicopter rotor on a model aircraft", but those who fly with electric motors know there is much more to it.

Electric flight has revolutionized the hobby of flying model aircraft. It has rekindled the enthusiasm of many an old time model flyer and has provided an attractive method of powering a model airplane to those who would like to fly R/C but don't want the hassles of internal combustion (IC) engines. Electric power has also opened up many possibilities for experimentation and aircraft types that were either difficult, impractical, or even impossible with IC power.